Friday, May 29, 2009

This is about Taylor and me

Taylor and me used to be best friends. Pearl and Edona were best friends. But Edona went away until grade 1 so Pearl choosed Taylor. Pearl teacheded Taylor all the bad things to say to me.
So that I had to play with somebody else at center time. I played with Hamna.
So I was having a bad day at school.
With Hamna, I played the marble game then it was clean up time so we cleaned up.
I went to Kenzie's house and I found a dandelion. It was all white. I made a wish in it and I wished that Taylor would be my friend again.

Taylor is somebody from my class and she's my very best friend. She's the only friend I had, but now I'm Ian's friend and Collin's friend and Hamna's friend and Rory's friend and Farrel's friend.


  1. Charlie I really really miss you but you're coming to my birthday and my mom told me she knows what I'm getting but she won't tell me. I love you but Charlie, Charlie Charlie you should read my brand new blog because you'll love it because of my ballet one. Charlie I love your blog. - Layla

  2. Oh and to think it has just begun. Charlie you are such a darling I'm sure many classmates love you! Lv Mickey

  3. Sometimes girls are just so mean, Charlie. I'm sorry you had a bad day at school but I'm glad you have lots of new friends now. - Auntie Amy

  4. The good thing about school is that there are so many nice kids to meet, and if somebody won't be nice to you there are always others who would be happy to be your new friends. Sorry you had a bad day!

  5. Charlie, I bought Mickey a little toy when I was shopping today.

  6. The above is my post
    lv Mickey