Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Webkinz World!

Webkinz and World both start with W!
I have a hundred webkinz!
(Editor's note - that might be a slight exaggeration)
My favourite webkinz changes sometimes.
My favourite one right now is Pinky my pink dog.

My mom is the best cuz she buys me a lot of webkinz.
She already got me 100 of webkinz, I already have 100!!
(Editor's note - no I don't)

I took this picture myself with my own pink camera.
(Editor's note - there were lots of fingerprints on her lens which is why they're all foggy)
I LOVED it when I saw it in my camera!

Elly loves the webkinz dolls, and she loves watching the computer when I'm playing webkinz on it. Elly's a good good poser for pictures when I'm taking them.
(Editor's note - When I asked Charlie why she needs so many webkinz, she said "because the website says 'Collect them all'!")


  1. Charlie I remember you told me today that you don't like playing with the stuffies - you like playing with them on the website better. You're good to let Elly play with the stuffies - she especially loves the kitten one. Grammie

  2. Charlie, you have so many webkinz that you could probably open your own Webkinz store and start selling your own! - Auntie Amy

  3. You're webkinz are lucky to have such a sweet girl to take care of them. Of course I am talking about you Char!
    Love, Auntie Mary

  4. I love your pictures Charlie. - Love Layla

  5. Thank you.

  6. Charlie I loved your photos today especially the one of you lying on the floor with all your webkins!
    Lv Mickey